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Dress doesn't have to be hanged on the body, but follow its lines.
It accompanies who wears it and when a woman smiles, the dress should smile with her.
Madeleine Vionnet
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The collections are completely developed and realized in-house and the entire production process is run in Italy in order to ensure the best quality, punctual delivery and an ad-hoc customized service with the artisan manufacturing to the clients.

COMUNQUE is characterised for its continuous pursuit of finding better materials and types of manufacturing by using high quality drapery with focused attention on accessories and an eye on tailoring details.

It is present on the Italian and international markets with dedicated collections to women that are looking for a unique style and that want to feel important by wearing dresses that make you feel good.

The Double makes it so that the dresses are versatile and flexible by wearing them in every occasion and by playing with the colour.
The artisan manufacturing hand-sew is applied on every single dress in an attentive and professional way from professional experts and it is used on 70% of our production.
The development of models is run in-house by our expert designers and by a team of professionals that will help the clients to develop the models in a perfect way.
The quality control is constantly run from the arrival of the drapery till the realization of the finished dress to ensure the absence of any flaws.
About us
Since then it has evolved and now it employs about 35 employees organized between: chain operators, tailors, ironers, CAD/modeling, inventory and administration.

Clients' satisfaction
Every client is unique. Since the beginning we have been conscious that the satisaction of the client and that results achievement would be possible only through the ability to listen to the client's needs and the love for this work born from a great passion for fashion. In addition, during the realization phase of each dress: quality control and fitness check are performed.
Team of experts
We will always ensure to offer you the best professionals for the realization of each one of your need.
Quality assurance
We produce Made-in-Italy of high quality, by realizing dresses with materials and manufacturing processes that guarantee a final product with quality and style.
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